About Us

☉ Who we are

You've arrived to the site of an instrument workshop - Metaphoric Tools - and to unfold the meaning: as the reality is of language it is through the metaphor (meaning that reaches beyond) that the change is brought about. For me music is the most beautiful language (objective beauty is closest to the truth) the language of now. So the tools of metaphor are the instruments for going beyond the limits of language in order to liberate the imagination from the set frames, to expand consciousness into infinity...

In this space I present the instruments that I make - mostly traditional style wooden instruments - Flutes, Hoop Drums and Celtic Harps. In addition to enrich this space some other therapeutic and ceremonial instruments that I use daily are added.

My journey with building instruments started with fascination for drums and soon after getting my first drum - Dejambe from Africa, I started experimenting with building this instruments by myself and soon after was introduced to the shamanic use of drums. From that point on my interests where developing towards ceremonial, therapeutic and healing use of music. My Journey brought me from making Shamanic drums for more than ten years to building Rattles, Ceremonial Accessories, than arrived the passion for Native American Style Flutes and Celtic Harps. On the way I became a singing Bowls and Gong therapist. Still this is only a story and simply I'm Me bringing to this reality instruments is a great honor for that I'm grateful.

☉ Our mission/intention

The intention of this enterprise is truly very simple - it is to bring and share instruments, made with hart with love for the joy to expand. To bring the natural rhythm of the shamanic drum, the deep breath of the flute, and sparks of light in the harp, all to integrate in our lives, to create the possibility for each person to regain their own tuning, that we came with into life and often lost. Through playing instruments one recovers what was lost.

☉ Our philosophy

The intention shining through our actions is to create from harmonious space within and without and share this state - to do that, our goal is to grow remembering the earth, using natural materials wherever it is possible and not compromising quality or durability. To experiment and find new ways for the sound to express more fully and in each project to find meaning and joy, so that the fruits of our working can also be radiating these feelings for others.

☉ The way we work

Each instrument done in our workshop is made with great dedication, remembering that the magic is in the detail, and that is exactly what we want to bring and transmit - a glimpse of the great mystery, manifesting in the sound.

☉ How the instruments are done

When working on a particular instrument first comes the choosing and the preparation of the materials - as for wood when it is obtained from the mill each peace is picked individually, considering its unique beauty, once that is done though dry the wood still "ripens" for another year or two to make sure all of its natural moister is gone. Then comes the time for crafting the instrument. Once the basic carpentry work is done the character slowly emerges with the first sound one can hear the color of the sound - not yet tuned but unique. Then comes the shaping tuning and finally the simple embroidery - all these stages are decided upon "on the way" in the attempt to capture the nature of particular artifact. And so making the instrument is also an internal process of which the final outcome is a mystery while making and a joyful surprise once accomplished.

☉ Materials we use

Metaphoric Tools workshop is dedicated to using local materials that are obtained in a sustainable way and from responsible sources. There for some of the wood used is collected from local farmers and gardeners that cut their fruit trees and otherwise would burn the wood, some from recovered wood and the rest comes from a local wood mill, that also uses local forests - that are well governed and cared for (in Poland there is a constant rise in the percentage of afforested land). The only exotic wood used for flutes is Mahogany for its special beauty and sound. The Hide for the drums also comes directly from farmers and haunters association and never the animal is killed for its hide - we rather save the hides from being utilized thus, in my understanding, extending the animals "life" in the form of a very special instrument - shamanic drum. Constantly taking care to find more balanced way of working and obtaining materials.